Meet Our Staff

Our office is very fortunate to work with an amazing staff.  They are very caring and professional ladies that I have had the pleasure of working along side for over a decade.  Together my staff and I work to provide you and your family with an outstanding dental experience here in our office.

We know that a dental visit is a very traumatic experience for many of our patients.  Our goal is to help reduce any anxiety you may feel on going to the Dentist.  Our first priority is your comfort and then to provide you with the best in dental care possible.

Listening to your needs which comes first, we strive to work with you to help you achieve the smile you deserve.


"There is a Better Way"

Ms. Marilyn Pouget

Office Manager

When you call our office you are most likely going to be speaking with Marilyn.  She is our office manager and coordinator.

Marilyn has over 25 years experience in the dental field.  The majority of this time has involved handling dental insurance claims and obtaining the full benefits that are due to our patients.  She is a wealth of knowledge and can help you to navigate the ever changing and increasingly complex area of dental benefits.  Marilyn does a great job of checking with and following up with your dental plan to determine what is covered at what level of coverage for treatment is available.

Marilyn will help to explain our options for helping you to fit your dental care costs into your budget and to help make your needed care affordable.

Should you have questions regarding your present dental plan or a plan you are considering purchasing, give her a call and she will be able to aid you in making a choice that make sense in accordance with your dental needs.

Mrs. Yvonitta Phelps

Dental Assistant

Working closely with Dr. Moseley to provide you with your dental treatment is UV.  Yvonitta has over 20 years of dental assisting experience with skills ranging from surgical assistant to chair side assisting duties.

UV insures that all our instruments are properly sterilized and our operatories sanitized in between patients.  She knows how vital it is to maintain sterility of all instruments that are utilized in the daily care and treatment of our patients.  We treat all our instruments as though our own families would be being treated...and they are. Extra care is taken in the processing and monitoring our instruments with sterilization monitoring strips placed into every batch of instruments that goes through our autoclave sterilizer.  In addition to instrument monitoring UV also monitors the separate water system bottles to insure that only clean distilled water is used in your treatment, we do not use the city water system in our office for patient treatment to avoid the risk of bacterial contamination from public water sources.

You will often hear patients expressing their thanks to UV for making them feel at ease and for explaining their upcoming treatment to make their dental visit as easy and comfortable as possible.  She can explain what treatment is going to be rendered as well as answering any questions you have on upcoming visits.

Having an easy smile and willingness to listen to your needs to help alleviate any fears or questions is the hallmark of a great assistant and we are fortunate to have that in UV.

Ms. LaWanda Peguese

Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)

Our most recent addition to our staff is LaWanda, she is our dental hygienist.  LaWanda is a highly skilled dental hygienist with a very gentle touch.  She is very through and is an excellent educator.  LaWanda will tailor your dental care to help you achieve both a clean and healthy smile.

A good hygienist does much more than simply "clean your teeth". Because your mouth is the gateway to your body, it is vital that proper oral hygiene techniques be used to remove as much of the bacterial plaque that accumulates daily on our teeth as possible.  There are products and methods that will help you be successful in a good home oral hygiene program which LaWanda will share with you during your office visit.

Having worked in both public and private sector dental settings, LaWanda brings a unique perspective on patient education and treatment.  It is just as important to help our patients learn new techniques to properly maintain a healthy mouth as it is to perform an in office hygiene visit. What you do every day at home dramatically impacts what happens when you come in for dental visits. Our goal for you is to achieve a state of dental health that will last you a lifetime.

Ms. Madison Hanke


Our office is pleased to welcome our newest staff member, Madison Hanke.  She is a recent graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy dental hygiene program and a valued addition to our clinical staff.

Madison offers our patients the newest treatment options as taught by the University of Detroit Mercy.  She has already proven herself to be an excellent clinician to help our patients achieve optimum dental health through both gentle thorough treatment and education in the newest methods to help our patients keep their teeth for a lifetime.