During these perilous times of Covid 19 and all it's various mutations have disrupted all our lives and our regular routines.  The simple act of going out to dinner or going to a movie has now turned into a major production of mask mandates, taking of temperatures, and testing, testing and more testing to check for a positive Covid result.

This disruption has been felt in all areas of our lives.  Dentistry has not been unaffected by the Covid pandemic.  We are seeing patients that once always came in for their bi-annual check ups, now putting off their teeth cleanings and exams until a simple issue becomes a full blown emergency.

What has become very apparent is how well we in Dentistry have responded to the Covid pandemic.  Did you know at the start of the pandemic it was estimated that Dentists and their staffs would be the most infected of all health care providers.  The truth has been just the opposite, Dentistry has the "LOWEST" rate of infection of any health care group.  This can be attributed to the fact that we have since the Aids epidemic in the 1980's made drastic changes in the way that disinfection of surfaces, sterilization monitoring, strict glove and mask wearing have been implemented.  

Our office has always had a policy of "reserved time only" dental appointments, no "double booking" of patients, your appointment time slot is your time slot only.  We don't have a T.V. in the reception area since you won't be waiting long enough to even enjoy a commercial let alone a daytime soap opera.

In essence if you are putting off your dental care for fear of Covid and our dental practice, please rest assured that you will be safe in our office.  We follow the CDC guidelines and offer HEPA filtration units throughout our entire office setting.  Keeping you and your family and our staff is our highest priority.

"There is a better Way"




January 2022