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Removable Partial Dentures:
This is a removable appliance that attaches to natural teeth and is designed to replace a number of missing natural teeth. The framework holding the teeth can be made from metal, acrylic or acetal. The non metal options can more easily be blended into the mouth eliminating the need for metal to show when you smile or talk. Removable partial dentures can also be attached to implants or crowns thus eliminating the metal arms fitting onto natural teeth all together.
Complete Denture:
As the name implies, this is an appliance designed to replace all of one’s teeth and can involve one or both jaws. Complete dentures can be attached to implants or onto the top of the roots of natural teeth that have had root canal treatment with a specialized attached that is either a magnet or a snap on fitted attachment to aid in the retention of the denture. Before you have all your teeth removed, please come in for a consultation on how we can help insure that you will have a good fit for your denture for the optimum in eating and speaking.
**All our dentures are custom fabricated for the most natural looking teeth possible. Before the lab processes your denture, we do a try in fit and evaluation so you can see what your new smile looks like. I do not make any
“picket fence” looking dentures, all dentures are custom fitted to your face for the most natural looking smile possible. If you are looking to replace old worn dentures or you are just unhappy with the look and fit of your present dentures, please give me a call to restore your natural looking smile.