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What is Laser Dentistry?

It is the use of specialized instruments using laser light to remove decay from teeth or infection from the gums.  There basically different wavelengths of light used depending upon what type of tissue is being treated, hard tissues such as teeth and bone is treated with one type of laser while soft gum tissues are treated with another type of laser wavelength.

Lasers have the advantage of creating a bacteria free zone after treatment is performed.  This promotes the removal of mouth bacteria from either the tooth or gums in the area being treated, this improves healing in the area.  I find that both teeth and gums are far less sensitive and heal much more rapidly with laser treatment verses using a traditional dental handpiece (drill) or scapel during surgery and fillings.

An additional benefit in using a laser for fillings, is that because of the precise beam of light used in removing tooth decay healthy tooth structure is not removed in the process of preparing the tooth for a filling.  This precise removal of only the decayed portion of the tooth is called Micro dentistry which aids in strengthening the tooth by bonding into place tooth colored filling materials.

Laser use in gum or Periodontal surgery, promotes the through removal of infected granulation tissue from under the gums.  This removal along with disinfecting properties of the laser improves both healing and a great reduction in post treatment discomfort from the surgery.     The use of dental lasers can dramatically change your dental experience for both tooth decay and gum treatments.  Give my office a call today and we can discuss your dental needs and start you on the path to dental health. “There is a Better Way”  248-304-1385