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What is a dental implant?  The easiest way to imagine what an implant is to imagine that the implant replaces the supporting root of a missing tooth-the anchor which goes into the bone.  This is the “body” portion of the implant.  Attached to the body of the implant is the “abutment”-this is the portion which extends above the gum line.  Abutments come in many forms and sizes and can be off the shelf stock abutments or custom made abutments.  Custom made abutments are particularly useful for use in front of the mouth areas when a patient desires all porcelain crowns for the most naturally looking restorations possible.

An implant can support a crown, a bridge, a fixed hybrid denture, a removable partial or complete denture.  As you can see, once the implant(s) have been placed there are many options which can be placed over the implant(s).  The number and placement are determined before any implant placement surgery is performed.

After you decide what your goals are for having implants, models of your teeth and gums  is sent to my dental lab for doing  complete wax model of your case for you and I to review.  Once we agree that this is what you want your new smile is to be, the lab fabricates a surgical guide to assist the surgeon in placing your implants in the correct location.  It usually takes around 4 months for the implants to be firmly attached to the bone of jaws, after which I can then begin the process of attaching the abutments to finish your case.  In some instances, implants can be loaded immediately meaning a temporary crown can be placed at time of surgery.  This is useful for replacing a single missing front tooth, the decision to do an immediate placement is determined at time implant is placed and is dependent upon how tight a fit can be achieved during surgery.

So as you can see, implants are very useful as a treatment to replace one or more missing teeth.  Your new smile can be based on a non removable platform or a removable one.  The choice is yours and is dependent upon both your budget set aside for your case and whether or not you want a fixed or removable option.

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