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Dental Services

Gentle caring dentistry for the whole family

Gentle caring dentistry for the whole family

Our office provides dental care for all members of the family. Using the Biolase Waterlase Laser, Dr. Moseley is able to utilize micro dentistry technology to save healthy tooth structure. In this way the need for root canal, crowns or extractions are greatly reduced as the stronger the tooth the fewer future problems will arise.
Treatments we provide:
-Consultations for customized dental treatment plans to address your dental concerns
-Thorough oral exams including screening for oral cancer
-Teeth cleaning, routine and treatment for periodontal (gum/bone) diseases
-Tooth strengthening restorations using tooth colored fillings, porcelain inlay/onlays and metal free crowns
-Root canal treatment to avoid loss of heavily damaged teeth from decay and old leaking silver fillings
-Fixed bridgework to replace missing teeth, a non removable option
-Removable partial and complete dentures-metal free options are now available
-Restorations on top of dental implants- this includes crowns, removable partial dentures & complete dentures so that you can now eat whatever you want without denture movement.
-Anti-Snore appliances-to provide you and your partner with a good nights sleep
-Dental Hypnosis therapy to aid in reducing or eliminating dental phobia without the use of drugs


Removable Partial Dentures:
This is a removable appliance that attaches to natural teeth and is designed to replace a number of missing natural teeth. The framework holding the teeth can be made from metal, acrylic or acetal. The non metal options can more easily be blended into the mouth eliminating the need for metal to show when you smile or talk. Removable partial dentures can also be attached to implants or crowns thus eliminating the metal arms fitting onto natural teeth all together.
Complete Denture:
As the name implies, this is an appliance designed to replace all of one’s teeth and can involve one or both jaws. Complete dentures can be attached to implants or onto the top of the roots of natural teeth that have had root canal treatment with a specialized attached that is either a magnet or a snap on fitted attachment to aid in the retention of the denture. Before you have all your teeth removed, please come in for a consultation on how we can help insure that you will have a good fit for your denture for the optimum in eating and speaking.
**All our dentures are custom fabricated for the most natural looking teeth possible. Before the lab processes your denture, we do a try in fit and evaluation so you can see what your new smile looks like. I do not make any
“picket fence” looking dentures, all dentures are custom fitted to your face for the most natural looking smile possible. If you are looking to replace old worn dentures or you are just unhappy with the look and fit of your present dentures, please give me a call to restore your natural looking smile.


There are many new and exciting dental materials now available for the reconstruction and improvement in your smile. Large old silver fillings that are more than five years old are failing, dental research has shown that silver fillings lose the seal between the wall of the tooth and the filling allowing saliva and bacteria to leak into the area underneath the filling. From there the bacteria begin to eat their way towards the nerve chamber of the tooth while weakening the tooth walls, which will cause a catastrophic failure and breakage of your tooth. Depending on how the tooth breaks will determine whether or not your tooth can be saved. A shear fracture to below the gum line or exposing the nerve inside the tooth will result in the need for root canal treatment. A fracture through the center or midline of the tooth will result in an extraction and a space which will need to be filled in to prevent other teeth from drifting towards the space causing food impaction and tooth decay.
Tooth colored materials such as Zirconium is now used instead of metal based crowns. The use of an all tooth colored porcelain type material will prevent the development of a “black line” at the gum tissue junction with the crown as natural gum recession with age. On the anterior teeth, these newer porcelain materials will prevent the “chicklet tooth” appearance often associated with traditional metal based crowns. These newer type crowns can be made to exactly match your natural teeth.
Fixed Bridges to replace missing natural teeth can now be made with metal free porcelain materials in many cases. As with tooth colored single crowns, these tooth colored bridges provide a life like replacement for missing natural teeth to restore your smile to be the best it can be. Missing teeth are never attractive and can affect how others perceive you both in social settings and in the work place.
If you have missing teeth and would like to discuss how you can replace those missing teeth and restore your smile, please give me a call today and lets discuss your options.


What is Laser Dentistry?

It is the use of specialized instruments using laser light to remove decay from teeth or infection from the gums.  There basically different wavelengths of light used depending upon what type of tissue is being treated, hard tissues such as teeth and bone is treated with one type of laser while soft gum tissues are treated with another type of laser wavelength.

Lasers have the advantage of creating a bacteria free zone after treatment is performed.  This promotes the removal of mouth bacteria from either the tooth or gums in the area being treated, this improves healing in the area.  I find that both teeth and gums are far less sensitive and heal much more rapidly with laser treatment verses using a traditional dental handpiece (drill) or scapel during surgery and fillings.

An additional benefit in using a laser for fillings, is that because of the precise beam of light used in removing tooth decay healthy tooth structure is not removed in the process of preparing the tooth for a filling.  This precise removal of only the decayed portion of the tooth is called Micro dentistry which aids in strengthening the tooth by bonding into place tooth colored filling materials.

Laser use in gum or Periodontal surgery, promotes the through removal of infected granulation tissue from under the gums.  This removal along with disinfecting properties of the laser improves both healing and a great reduction in post treatment discomfort from the surgery.     The use of dental lasers can dramatically change your dental experience for both tooth decay and gum treatments.  Give my office a call today and we can discuss your dental needs and start you on the path to dental health. “There is a Better Way”  248-304-1385



What is a dental implant?  The easiest way to imagine what an implant is to imagine that the implant replaces the supporting root of a missing tooth-the anchor which goes into the bone.  This is the “body” portion of the implant.  Attached to the body of the implant is the “abutment”-this is the portion which extends above the gum line.  Abutments come in many forms and sizes and can be off the shelf stock abutments or custom made abutments.  Custom made abutments are particularly useful for use in front of the mouth areas when a patient desires all porcelain crowns for the most naturally looking restorations possible.

An implant can support a crown, a bridge, a fixed hybrid denture, a removable partial or complete denture.  As you can see, once the implant(s) have been placed there are many options which can be placed over the implant(s).  The number and placement are determined before any implant placement surgery is performed.

After you decide what your goals are for having implants, models of your teeth and gums  is sent to my dental lab for doing  complete wax model of your case for you and I to review.  Once we agree that this is what you want your new smile is to be, the lab fabricates a surgical guide to assist the surgeon in placing your implants in the correct location.  It usually takes around 4 months for the implants to be firmly attached to the bone of jaws, after which I can then begin the process of attaching the abutments to finish your case.  In some instances, implants can be loaded immediately meaning a temporary crown can be placed at time of surgery.  This is useful for replacing a single missing front tooth, the decision to do an immediate placement is determined at time implant is placed and is dependent upon how tight a fit can be achieved during surgery.

So as you can see, implants are very useful as a treatment to replace one or more missing teeth.  Your new smile can be based on a non removable platform or a removable one.  The choice is yours and is dependent upon both your budget set aside for your case and whether or not you want a fixed or removable option.

Call me today, and let’s talk about what you would like to accomplish.  248-3041385  “THERE IS A BETTER WAY”


Our office provides dental care for all ages, beginning at 4 years old to 100 years old

Dr. Moseley can provide your family with treatment from the most basic of teeth cleaning up to and including implant restorations to replace your missing teeth. You no longer have to avoid smiling and showing others who you really are. The inability to smile and eat decreases your quality of life. Come and see me and my staff, let us help you to enjoy laughing again.

After over 30 years in practice, Dr. Moseley has assembled a team of dental specialists that will allow us to meet all your dental needs. There are no hopeless dental cases, so if you are looking for new answers to the dental problems you have struggled with, give me a call.

True cosmetic dentistry is more than just bonding material onto your teeth. I will take the time to truly analyze where your smile is today and where you want it to be tomorrow. All cases are waxed to completion by our excellent dental lab technicians to allow you to see the end result before we begin. You and I will work together as a team to help you reach your dental health goals. You can have the smile you’ve always wanted, let me show you how.